Greetings Ping Pong fans!

This month we began our first beginner program for kids.  We had to cap the number of participants at twelve.  The ages range from 8 to 11 and they were very enthusiastic the first week.  Be aware that kids may still be playing when the club opens at 6pm, so be kind and courteous to these new players.

I am always looking to tweak and tune the club procedures and activities to give everyone the best experience.  We just started a color coded system.  We start out at CODE GREEN.  During code green, matches are best of five and practice is limited to 15 minutes.  When we exceed 25 players, we go to CODE RED. During code red, matches are best of three, and practice limited to 10 minutes.  So look for the color bar at the top of the waiting list, and the colored cards attached to the net sets at the tables.

Skipping. Keep in mind, we allow skipping when your name comes up on the list.  What does that mean? The player skipping retains their place on the list and allows the next person to play in their place.  But when the next table opens, the player who skipped is up again. So please, don't cross off a player's name when they skip, and look out for skipped names who may have a lot of crossed out players beneath them.

Time is running out to qualify for the GREATEST of CHES-MONT tournament being held the last week of April.  Be sure to report you match wins!

We have several members looking to unload equipment. Rackets, blades, and rubbers.  If you are in the market for some discounted equipment check out our Facebook group or drop me a message. We also have T-shirts for sale. Shirts can also be custom made. See the PongFather for details.

Mark your calendars for April.

  • April 4th: Ladies night with Greatest of Ches-Mont WOMEN'S event.
  • April 11th: Juniors night with Greatest of Ches-Mont Under 18 event.
  • April 18th: Mustache night 
  • April 25th: Greatest of Ches-Mont Championship.

That's all for now!