Hello ping-pongers! It's time for another monthly update!

Here we go with the new business first!

  • Coaching Classes for kids and adults with state champion Jameson Bernard continue Mondays 7/8, and 7/15. Details here.
  • You have one more chances to qualify, 7/6, for our Blob Trophy Hardbat Tournament on 7/13. Details here.
  • Rahul Kapoor's NO Pips Challenge will be announced soon! One tournament, inverted rubber only!
  • Sunday July 28th is the FINAL Rec. Room by Conshy Brewing Co. Sign up here!
  • There is a push to draw more players out to the Infinite Loop Club that meets Monday nights. I am getting them an Infinite Loop Greatest Doubles Champions flag for you to fight over at that club as well!
  • USATT rated league. I want to get this up and running in a couple weeks. You must be a USATT member to participate. I am going to steal West Jersey's website's info for ours, but for now, it is going to look something like this.
  • Greatest Ever Doubles Challenge continues! Links here to the rules and the photo gallery.

The old business!

  • The USATT Cruzin' Classic tournament went very well. We were able to expand some of the event with the addition of two more tables. We had six events and 33 competitors. You can find photos in our main gallery.
    • Open - 1st Jameson Bernard, 2nd Samarth Chythanya
    • U2200 - 1st Samarth Chythanya, 2nd Jameson Bernard
    • U1800 - 1st James Good, 2nd Frank Draves
    • U1500 - 1st Frank Draves, 2nd Varun Khanna
    • U1250 - 1st Varun Khanna, 2nd Girish Chawla
    • U1000 - 1st Janel Flor, 2nd Kishore Raju Sivaramakr
  • Battle of the Counties 2024 ended with the Montgomery County Monarchs pulling ahead of the Chester County Cheetahs in the very last matchup! Winning it 162 to 156 overall. The scores and individual stats can be found here. Photos of our champions and matches can be found here. Congratulations. Battle of the Counties returns in 2025 but the Battle of the Ages will begin this fall. 
  • Congratulations to James Roth for taking 2nd place in the U1250 at Princeton.
  • Congratulations to Abi Stanley and Tim Weaver, members the Dragon Warriors. The Dragon Warriors won the inaugural Minor League Table Tennis championship sponsored by Major League Table Tennis. MiLTT is gearing up for the next season now. While we will not be MiLTT events, you can join Princeton Pong for theirs