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Club will be CLOSED on Saturday August 27th (Unless someone wants to run it, I will be at the Lancaster tournament).

New club calendar added, included local tournaments.

The club now meets at the Phoenixville Recreation Center, 501 Franklin Ave, Phoenixville PA 19460.
Tuesday nights 6pm-9pm
Saturday mornings 9am-12noon 
$5 to play.


Greetings Table Tennis Fans! Welcome to July.

We are attempting to open up on Saturday mornings 9am to 12noon.  Now there are a few things we have to take into account.
1 - We would like to get more volunteers to help setup and run things   Currently the Flor family take on this responsibility. But if we can't make it one Saturday, we'd like someone to be able to step in and take our place rather than having to cancel outright.  If you would like to help, let me know.  
2 - We are considered a program of the recreation department.  They do get more money by renting the space out than they do when we play.  So for Saturday in-particular, we may have to change rooms or cancel if someone would like to use the space.  So it is important to watch our social media, website, or be on our email list so you don't waste a trip out because we had to close.  Right now, we will announce all the times we are open until we decide that it is a good idea to continue.  We have to gauge the demand in that time slot.

On June 25th we held the Chris Cruz Memorial Table Tennis Tournament.  Nineteen players competed in three divisions.  Aces Division: 1st Doug W., 2nd Robert S.  Kings Division: 1st Shuming Z., 2nd Karun H. Jacks Division: 1st Cole L., 2nd Sal L.
I think most people enjoyed to tournament and that is ran picture perfect.  If you participated and have a different opinion, please let me know.

We are planning on having a USATT Sanctioned tournament on September 17th, 2022.
What does sanctioned mean?  Well first off, it is more expensive because you have to join USATT to participate.  USATT yearly membership fees for most players is $25.  You can check out the USATT website for more info, but honestly it's a bit confusing there right now, so best just to ask Nick at the club and I will give you a rundown. But after you join, there are event fees as well.  But we hope to attract current tournament players from all over the region by making it a sanctioned tournament.
Secondly, you will get an official USA Table Tennis rating.  This will allow you to participate in other tournaments such as Trolley Car's and Princeton Pong's events.  The rating helps you align with similarly skilled players in tournament events and can provide motivation to gain points at tournaments.  Again, something you can discuss with me at anytime.

Alright, I believe I have given you both too much information and too little!
See you at the tables!


When: Tuesday nights 6pm-9pm and Saturday mornings 9am-12noon
Where: 501 Franklin Ave, Phoenixville PA 19460 (Phoenixville Recreation Center)
How much: $5 per night.

Previously Phoenixville Table Tennis Club ran from 2009 to 2015 in Phoenixville and 2015-2020 as Rising Phoenix in KOP drawing players from Exton, Downingtown, Malvern, King of Prussia, Collegeville, Pottstown, and even Princeton, NJ.  On any night we would have between 15 and 40 players. Our friendly atmosphere, regulated playing format, and fair treatment of all playing levels helped us to succeed.

We currently have six tables and supply balls.

What we think makes us successful:

  • We greeted everyone who visited and explained our system
  • We used a waiting list system in which the player "on deck" gets to choose any opponent
  • Play was limited to 2 minute warm and a match, best out of five - OR - 20 minutes of practice using provided timers (or 15 min. if it is really busy)
  • We provided buckets filled with balls, you never have to stop play to retrieve yours, or anyone else's balls.
  • We had a sitting area for players to converse while waiting
  • Active internet presence
  • A variety of periodically scheduled events such as coaching clinics, tournaments, and fun celebrations.

We keep members informed with our email list, and through Facebook posts.
Conctact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be placed on the email list.
Find us at our Facebook Page or through our Facebook Group.


  • All members shall treat players, coaches, officials and others involved with the Club or the sport with due respect.
  • All members should enjoy an equal use of the facilities and programs.
  • All members,players, coaches, officials and spectators should refrain from any action that causes offense or shows disrespect to any opponents, member or visitor to the Club, or causes any damage to the premises or equipment. Typical examples are spitting, swearing, throwing or kicking equipment, dropping litter or defacing walls or doors.
  • Senior players should serve as an example to younger players and should do their best to help them to enjoy, understand, and better play the sport of table tennis.
  • Please respect the club, all players are expected to clear up the playing area after a session, including moving equipment when necessary, removing trash, and general clean up.
  • Any allegation of a breach of this Code of Conduct shall be reported to the member in charge of a session, who will have the authority to suspend a person from the session/or club. No refunds will be given to suspended players.
  • All visitors under the age of 18 shall be under direct supervision of their parent or legal guardian at all time.
  • When a player arrives, he adds himself to the bottom of the playing list.
  • Each player waits his turn.
  • When everyone's name above you is crossed off, it is your turn to play. You may choose to do one of the following:
    --ask another idle player to play a match,
    --ask three other players to play a doubles match,
    --ask another idle player if they want to practice.
    -- delay playing (if he's still tired, or wants to wait for someone who is already playing). 
    --If a player delays, it's the next player in line's turn.
  • All players going to the table cross their names off the list.
  • A player who is asked for a match may decline the invitation.
  • Players will start a 15 minute timer at the table. Matches should be played first, and if time allows practice. 
  • Matches are first to 3 wins, each game is to 11 points, and the service switches every 2 points..
  • When a match or practice is over, ALL players leave that table, return to the waiting area, and add their names to the BOTTOM of the waiting list.
  • When there are a large number or people waiting, please pick somone else who has been waiting and who has not just come off the table.  Or consider asking three players for a doubles match.

Phoenixville TTC Youtube playlists: Our videos and favorite TT videos.


More Local Clubs

The Rec Room (not a club)

  • The Rec Room is a bar and grill restaurant at 230 Bridge Street in Phoenixville, they have several tables. 

Know the "CHO!" policy before you go "CHO!", so know you can go "CHO!" without being told no. Thank you.

Yes, you can call it ping pong!