Greetings Phoenixville Table Tennis Club friends!

Tomorrow is Groundhog day, but we have already crowned a new Groundhog ? Champion.
Congratulations to Tommy!
Um... I don't think I have met Tommy before, and I don't know his last name, but he beat Brady in the final 3-1 with his pen-hold style, pips, positioning, and power!  
Thank you everyone for participating!



Next up is a jam packed April! It's our month long anniversary celebration. 
Janel plans on baking something for everyone each Tuesday. Here is what I have for you so far!

  • April 4th: Ladies night with Greatest of Ches-Mont WOMEN'S event.
  • April 11th: Juniors night with Greatest of Ches-Mont Under 18 event.
  • April 18th: Mustache night 
  • April 25th: Greatest of Ches-Mont Championship.


USATT Tournament.  Okay, this is the big one.  Here is the story. 
May 6th we have been moved to the gym so that another event can be held in our normal spot. 
This gives us the opportunity to hold a full tournament in the gym.  But this is something I cannot do alone. 
I need help and backup. If you want to volunteer to help please come talk to me.

The plan is running 4 consecutive events on 8 tables and would probably run from 9am to 4pm.
If you would like more information on how USATT tournaments work let me know.


The Greatest Doubles Champions Challenge is going strong.  We post the winners on Facebook and in our website gallery
Hey, maybe the players who end up in the most photos at the end of the year will get something special.  


You still have time to qualify for our Greatest of Ches-Mont Championship
You must live, work, or go to school in Chester or Montgomery Counties and win six matches against six different players at the club between now and April 25th to qualify for the "closed" overall final. 
The Greatest of Ches-Mont Women's Championship and Juniors Championship have the same county requirement, but six wins are not necessary.
Report your wins to Nick or via this link.

Qualifiers will get their photo on a virtual "trading card" which will be posted on Facebook and in our website gallery.  


Now, lets talk about the balls.
The Nitakku balls are pretty good, haven't seen one crack yet, but have started disappearing.
Our solution? Back to cheaper balls!  There is no clear consensus on which of the three types of orange balls are best, so we are just going to use all three! 
Joola training, Nittaku training, and Mapol 3 stars.  So if you like a specific version, you can probably find one around. 
If you prefer top of the line balls, you can bring your own or purchase one from the club.  We will have white 3 Star Gambler poly balls for sale. 
Using a white ball will allow you to track it down easier amongst our sea of orange ones. 
I can't wait to talk on this subject in the next update! Oh boy!

Thanks to everyone for making our club welcoming to all and thank you to those who help setup and breakdown, YOU ROCK!