Happy new year ping pong fans, and welcome to the monthly update!
I would like to introduce your 2022 Greatest of Phoenixville Champion, Brady!
Our 2022 Greatest Ever Doubles Champions are, in our Aces Division: Anastasia & Doug! Runners-up Bing & Jason. And in our Kings Division: 1st place Brady & Nick, 2nd place Alan & Bobby.
Thanks to everyone who participated!
The next event will be the Groundhog Trophy! As Groundhog day approaches we will celebrate with a single elimination tournament during regular play on Tuesday January 31st.  No additional fee required.  Trophy goes to the first place winner.  Just tell Nick you want to participate when you get there. 

Qualification matches are open for 2023 Greatest of Ches-Mont!
Sometime this Spring we will hold a tournament.  We plan on having several types of individual events, but one of them will be for determining a Ches-Mont champion.  Rules are simple, you have to live, work, or go to school in Chester or Montgomery counties and you must record six wins at the club between now and the event.  Qualification matches now permitted to play during any club meeting.  You can record your matches here.

I have been hearing a little bit of chatter over the balls at the club.  So to try and create the most accessible environment, here is the plan.
We are upgrading to Nittaku J-Top training balls for the club.  
For those of you who want to use higher quality balls, please bring your own WHITE balls.
This will allow you to identify them easily from orange club balls.  Players please be mindful and gracious in returning stray white balls to players.
I will have some white balls Gambler 3 star balls. on hand if you wish to use one.  But if you have a favorite brand you want to use, please bring your own.
After we have completed our Greatest of Ches-Mont event, we will start the Battle of the Counties!  We will create teams based on your home county. Mostly it will be Montco VS Chester, but if you wish to represent or field a team from any other surrounding county you are welcome to do so!  I am hoping to make this a league-like setup with county standings.  Looking to generate a little rivalry! 
Thanks for making our club so awesome!
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