Click here to sing up now for the Greatest Ever Doubles Ping Pong Tournament 2022.
New Years Eve, 12/31/2022 9am-12noon. Cost to enter is $30 per team.
Up to 24 teams can compete in a 3 to 4 team round robin followed by placement into either the Aces or the Kings divisions.
Each division will play in randomized single elimination round. 
Trophies will go to 1st and 2nd in each division.
Prize money might be available for the Aces division if we exceed 12 teams.  At which point prize money will scale based on entries up to a maximum of $150 for first place and $60 for second.
Kings division earns trophies only.
*This is not a USATT sanctioned event.  We will play in the three multipurpose rooms, with tile flooring, on  3 Joola DX30 tables and 3 Joola Indoor 25mm tables using white Gambler balls.

Print out flyer.

Looking for a teammate? Use this form.

Greatest of Phoenixville 2022 - Time is running out to qualify.
This single elimination event has no entry fee and will be held
12/27/2022 - STARTING AT 6PM.
You have only a few sessions left to qualify and compete to earn the title of 2022's Greatest of Phoenixville. 
This event is mainly for bragging rights, winner gets a trophy and the title.  Next year begins the quest for Greatest of Ches-Mont.


Winter is coming.
Make sure you don't travel out to the club only to find our session canceled!
We don't just cancel for the weather, Saturdays are especially prone to cancelation due to other events being held at the recreation center.
Check your email, the website, our google calendar, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter before you come out.
As you can see, I am trying to make it as easy as possible for you so you don't waste a trip, so please check first!

Stats for 2022
Tuesdays: Highest Attendance 24, Lowest 9, Average 16, Number of meetings 31
Saturdays: Highest Attendance 13, Lowest 5, Average 7, Number of meetings 15

Thank you everyone for your making the club such and awesome place to play and socialize! We are grateful for you!