Greetings Phoenixville Table Tennis Club friends!

Table of Contents.
1 - Will election day affect the club?
2 - The Greatest of Phoenixville will be determined for 2022.
3 - The Greatest of Ches-Mont Tournament qualifications begin.
4 - The Greatest Ever Doubles Champions.
5 - Club shirts available.
6 - Recession Buster Vouchers

1 - The Phoenixville Recreation Center will be a polling place on Tuesday 11/8.  I have conflicting information on if this will affect us playing or not.  At the very least, it may cause parking headaches.  Since it is my polling place, I will let you know on that day if we are open or closed, and what the parking looks like.

2 - The Greatest of Phoenixville Ping Pong championship is approaching.  So far we have two players qualified, Janel and myself, imagine that.  The plan is to hold it before the end of 2022.  If we cannot obtain the gym for a full tournament, the championship will be held during normal club hours on a Saturday.
Remember, if you live, work, or go to school in Phoenixville you must win six matches against six different opponents to qualify for the championship event!

3 - Okay, now that Phoenixville is out of the way, Who is the greatest player in all of Chester and Montgomery counties?  Let's find out!
The Greatest of Ches-Mont Ping Pong championship event will be held in 2023.  Early bird qualifications begin 11/5. On Saturdays only, from now until January, win six matches against six different players at the club to qualify.  Starting in January, you may also qualify on Tuesday nights as well. But for now, I am using it as a way to lure more players out to Saturdays! (9am-12Noon)

4 - This is just for fun! I have a flag announcing the Greatest Ever Doubles Champions. If you want your team to get a photo with the flag, you have to be the winners for the night!  So once one team wins, they get the right to get a photo unless you beat them!  This starts from scratch each night.

5 - We have new club shirts! These shirts are cotton with a white logo and are $10.  Let me know a size and color and I can have one made for you. We also have some quick-dry embroidered club shirts for $22, while supplies last.

6 - If you would like to come to the club, but your budget is tight, reach out to me.  We are starting a voucher program.  We gave vouchers out to winners of our last tournament, and I would like to extend them to players who want to come, but have a hard time affording it.