Greetings table tennis fans!

April marks our 1 year anniversary at the Phoenixville Recreation Center! The club has really grown over the last year! We went from 6 to 9 tables and are seeing our player counts moving into the 30s on both Tuesdays and Saturdays!

We just finished our first kids program. We learned a few things from it and are formulating ideas on what we should do next for the kids. 

Now, let's celebrate! 

Tuesday April 4th May 2nd is Ladies Night! Ladies get bumped to the top of the list all night long! We will also have a women's tournament with trophies.  Expect gift bags and baked goods too!

Tuesday April 11th is Juniors Night! Under 18 players get bumped to the top of the list all night long, and we will have a juniors tournament with trophies.

Tuesday April 18th  May 9th is Mustache night. Fake mustaches will be available! Prizes will be given for the best mustache and for the best manly costumes/attire!

Tuesday April 25th is the Greatest of Ches-Mont Championships.  Those who have qualified will participate in a single elimination championship tournament with trophies awarded.
April 29th, the club will be CLOSED meeting on the far side of the gym because of another event at the facility.

Asking for volunteers to open the club on Saturday May 13th.  Drew and Chris have volunteered to breakdown and close up. We just need a couple of people to open.  
Why? Because the Pennsylvania State Championships are that day, and the regular show runners are going.

August is a ways off, but we are hosting our first USA Table Tennis (USATT) sanctioned tournament, August 19th, 2023.

More, more, more coming soon, but I want to keep you guys focused.

Love you all!