Greetings Table Tennis Fans,

It's time for the monthly update.

September saw the start of our Battle of the Ages competition. As of right now Legacy is leading Nexgen 48-38.
Anyone may participate, just sign up when you come to the club! Everyone is welcome to join.
The competition continues through October, but with a new twist!
Starting 10/3 we will be using the Major League Table Tennis playing format. This professional table tennis league began playing in September, you can catch their matchups on Youtube. This format will require 5 players per side, and I may need to interrupt matches (temporarily) so that we can get though the Golden Game.
We have the MLTT's color commentator's, Sean O'Neil, attention on our Facebook.  So let's make this good!
Jameson Bernard, 2022 and 2023 State Champion, will be conducting a group coaching class Wednesday evenings 10/18, 10/25, 11/1, and 11/8. Cost is $75. Let me know if you want to join up.  He is very interested in promoting youth in table tennis and is looking for young serious players to do some group coaching for as well.
Our 2023 Greatest of Phoenixville Championship will be held Tuesday November 28th. You must qualify for this single elimination event.  To do so, you must live, work, or go to school in Phoenixville and you must report winning six matches against six different individuals at our club meetings during the months of October and November.
The Greatest Ever Doubles Champions tournament will be held Saturday December 30th at 9:30am. Registration will take place through further information will be coming in the next monthly update.