Yo! Yo! Yo! It's time for the monthly update!
The short version:
-Bye Bo and Jimmy! See you soon!
-Battle of the Ages competition September through October.
-Greatest of Phoenixville qualifiers begin in October.
-Doubles tournament coming in December.
-Our USATT tournament was a success! Congrats to our winners!
-Congrats to Shata for his 1st place finish at Princeton.
-Join our Greatest Ever Doubles Champions challenge every session.
-Watch out for slick floors, especially in the back on Saturdays.

-We have a robot for rent for our regular players.

The long version:
Let's start with upcoming events.
Bye guys! 

Bo and Jimmy are off to college. Study hard fellas! See you soon!

How do you split a club up for competition by age? We spun a wheel with the years 1978 through 1991 on it and came up with 1982.
So if you were born before 1982 you are on Team Young. If you were born 1982 and after you are on Team Babies. Maybe we can work on those team names.
Follow this link to the details and to sign up. These matches take place during regular open play. If you don't plan on participating you can still play as normal. However, EVERYONE is welcome to take part, regardless of skill level.


Qualifying matches begin for the Greatest of Phoenixville Championship in October. To qualify for this single elimination tournament you must live, work, or go to school in Phoenixville and win six matches against six different opponents at the club from October 3rd, up until the event at the end of November.


We are targeting Saturday 12/30/2023 for our Greatest Ever Doubles Tournament. Maximum of 16 teams. Groups of 4 teams will play a round robin. Round robin finish will determine placement in a second round robin determining final 1st through 4th in each division.  Sign up will be coming soon through Omnipong.com.
Now for the month of August in review.


Our first USATT tournament ran nearly perfectly. Our event winners were:
Open: 1st Jameson Bernard (PA state champion), 2nd Alan Santos (Maryland)
U2200: 1st Rei "Mike" Guo (Virginia), 2nd Fan Tong 
U1800: 1st Ramesh Kumar, 2nd Chongsheng "Jasen" Kang
U1500: 1st Shusheng "Stephen" Xu, 2nd Pete Spearman (NY)
U1000: 1st Janel Flor, 2nd Bo Hoffman
Unrated: 1st Shashi Jakku, 2nd Dan Eskinder 
You can catch photos of our winners in our 2023 photo album.  And here are photos taken by Rob Li when he wasn't playing. 

Princeton Pong holds a tournament the first weekend of every month. It is great place to visit and is a relatively easy drive to make. This month congratulations go out to Shata for finishing first in the U1000 event!
Trolley Car Table Tennis Club in conjunction with Pingpod will be hosting tournaments in East Falls the second weekend of every month.

The all the time stuff:


Every session there is a doubles challenge.  Be the first team to win a match of doubles and you become the Greatest Ever Champs.  Anyone may challenge the current champs to take the title. The team that is still champions by the end of the session will have their photo taken with the GEDC flag. The photo will be posted on social media and the GEDC photo album at PhoenixvilleTableTennis.com.


When the dew point is high, our floors and tables begin to sweat.  This begins in the furthest most room and so far has been contained there.  Please let everyone know if you feel things getting slippery.  We reconfigure the playing area to avoid that room if it occurs.

We now offer rental of a Newgy Robo-Pong 1040 to our regular members. You can take this robot home with you for $10 per week or $30 per month. You have to supply your own balls.