Nick here with your November 2023 Monthly update!

Some scheduling changes coming up this month: Tuesday November 7th is election day, so we have moved that meeting to Monday November 6th.
Saturday November 18th, we have to close off the stage room after 10:45am, and will be down to 6 tables after that.

Battle of the Ages

We switched from our A,B,C vs X,Y,Z format in September to the MLTT format in October.  Team Legacy was leading up until the second week of October and then Nexgen took the lead and never looked back! Congratulations to the youngsters! Final standings: Nexgen 179, Legacy 144. Photo gallery here!

USATT Innovation and Growth Challenge

I had entered a video for the USATT's 90th Anniversary Innovation and Growth Challenge and WON! With the win I received a plaque, one year pro-membership, and free entry to the US Open.  Since I work at a small business and two of my co-workers are expecting newborns the same weekend as the Open, that is a fine excuse for my not flying out to California. And totally NOT that I dislike flying! But I am grateful for the opportunity! Don't know why Brady got his photo front and center there, maybe it is because I inspire him!

Greatest of Phoenixville

Our 2023 Greatest of Phoenixville Championship will be held Tuesday November 28th. You must qualify for this single elimination event.  To do so, you must live, work, or go to school in Phoenixville and you must report winning six matches against six different individuals at our club meetings during the months of October and November.

Greatest Ever Doubles Tournament

The Greatest Ever Doubles Champions tournament will be held Saturday December 30th at 9:30am. Registration is open through

Juniors: Kid and teen players

We have an unofficial program going. On Saturdays,11:30 to 12 Noon, I take any young players and cycle through multi-ball drills with them.  The goal is to give kids attention and drills to help them improve their play. Jameson would like to conduct group training with the more dedicated kids, please contact me if you have a kid interested. Once we have enough kids we can arrange the days, times, and price.