Here we are! Four weeks after opening! Here's the scoop.
We've had a mix of old and new players, I'd say most in the 1400-900 range ratings wise, Red Owls using the PHXTTC rating system.
First night we had 17, 11 the second, 12 the third and 8 the fourth.  So the wait time is almost no existent at this point and we have unused tables through out the night.
However, let's see what happens over the next week because we may get new players after the following:

The Recreation Center open house was held on Saturday April 30th. (As was every other event you can imagine in the entire area!) 
It was a lot of fun, community members took home keychains and all of the 30 pamphlets we printed up.
Quite a few recreational players hit around. Janel and I played though-out the day, ended up tied 6 games to 6.


PA State Championships have completed! I have the results recorded in the Pennsylvania State Table Tennis Championships Archive.
However, Since there were only 4 State Champions events held, I keep thinking to myself, what if we held the other categories during another tournament? 
That sound you hear is the gears in my head turning.

Rating System
I have updated the PHX Skill tracking system.  I am slowly adding names.  I put a little description of the concept on the page. I am also working on physical rewards to hand out.  I have been thinking about using the system to determine divisions in our next tournament.

I was contacted by my friend at Valley Forge Baptist Temple in Collegeville about them starting up Monday Night Hangouts again there.  They usually ran from 7pm - 9pm.  I don't think my family will participate this time, one night a week is plenty for us.  But if you are interested and want me to help you organize some play time there, let me know.

 That's all I got for now.  I think it is more than enough!
Come out to the club!!!