Greetings table tennis fans, welcome to the monthly update!

Groundhog Trophy 2022

I would like to announce the winner of our Groundhog Trophy micro tournament: "Awesome" PJ defeated Bradley 3-1.




The next big event is the Pong-A-Thon charity event,
Date: February 26, 2022

Venue: 110 Valley Park Road, Phoenixville, PA 19460
This is an 12 hour marathon event to raise money to support the charities that bring rescue, support and train victims of human trafficking in South East Asia.

If you can't play or can't make it, you can still help by donating at the link below.


Rec. Room VS Rec. Center

As we continue our efforts to find a new club location.  Our two best options are less than a mile away from each other and have very similar names.  First is the Rec. Room bar/restaurant down on Bridge Street.  Second is the Phoenixville Recreation Center which will be opening up this Spring on Franklin Ave.  You will be hearing me discuss each back and forth as we coordinate working between both.  I made you a handy-dandy photo to help you know the difference.  I am hoping to have big news come the March update. So stay tuned!