Welcome to the new PHXTTC Monthly Update.

What's new in May?
Valley Forge Baptist Church in Collegeville has extended their Monday Night Hangouts until the end of June.  Our table tennis group playing there grows a little each week, come join us.

The roof is up on the new recreation center in Phoenixville.  Which just so happens to be within walking distance of my home.  I have a letter ready to send to the recreation board to see if they would let us play there.  Should I send it?

The Phoenixville Dogwood Parade is going virtual this year.  We are going to have a float in the shoebox parade!

May 15th, 1pm is when the Phoenixville Jaycees will hold the parade.

I would like to create a new email list for those interested in Phoenixville Table Tennis news and updates.
But I would also like to know your preferred method of keeping up. Is it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, texts?  Let me know.
Contact me to give my your info. See the "contact" box on this page for details.