Beware the Ides of April. Wow, I just looked up the definition of ides, interesting stuff.

April 10th, I drove to Princeton Pong to play the U1250 event of their April Open.  I won 1, lost 2, and drove home with time to spare before I had to go to work!
Princeton Pong is a nice place with nice people. I recommend their tournaments.  

Pennsylvania State Championships are April 30th-May 1st.  It's nice to have a state champion crowned once again.  I am a little sad that some of the events are missing. 
Check out the link in our events sidebar for details.

There are a few more Mondays this month that people can play table tennis for free.  The details are in our *NEW* Facebook group.  

The new Phoenixville Recreational Center is being built and I think it would be wonderful if we could establish play there.  

The State Championships are back!  April 30th-May 1st. The scope of events is scaled down, but it is a start! to register.

I am always open to talking about finding a new regular facility in Phoenixville, feel free to drop me an email (Pong*at*Phoenixville Table Tennis . Com) or visit out Facebook group.