Happy Summer Table Tennis Fans!

This has been one action packed month! Forgive me if I left something out!  Nice weather, holidays, and summer time events have probably influenced out numbers recently.  We have fallen below our 30+ player day into the mid 20s recently.

The Pennsylvania State Championships were held May 12th and 13th in Lancaster. 
Several of our players made it out to compete and spectate. 
States Champions Archive : States Photo Archive : Fox 43 News clip
I also maintain the Pennsylvania Sate Table Tennis Championships Archive on our website.

Mustache night was lots of fun: Mustache Night 2023 Photos

There was no meeting the 16th due to elections, but there was a King of Prussia District Sponsored outdoor tournament that we flocked too for free pizza and beverages.
Karun ended up edging out Dimitri for the grand prize, $50 Wegman's gift card.  Then some of us headed to the Rec. Room by Conshohocken Brewery afterwards.
Here are the Photos.

June through July we pit Montgomery county against Chester county. We have started pre-season play in preparation.
Chester County and Montgomery County will put together as many teams as they like to compete against each other.  The teams will be made up of three players each. Teams should be made up of players of similar playing ability. The top players in team A, next best players team B, etc.

A captain/manager should be selected for each county.  They will be in charge of communication with players, determining line-up and substitutions for each playing session.

Counties will rotate weekly in presenting a line-up. The “away” county line-up is presented, the “home” county will offer their line-up. If any substitutions are required to be made by the “away” county before a session’s matches begin, the “home” county may be allowed to make any changes to their line-up.  Line-ups may not change once the first match has begun. 

Matches are played as follows:
Away Team Players: A,B,C
Home Team Players: X,Y,Z
AvY, XvB, BvZ, YvC, CvZ, AvX, doubles

Each match win will count as 1 point towards the cumulative county standings.
Sign up here: http://level2199.com/short/botc
Standings are posted here: http://level2199.com/short/botcstandings
Match reporting can be done here: http://level2199.com/short/botcreporting
You can join at anytime.

We will be holding a USA Table Tennis Tournament on August 18th, 2023."
However we most events are now FULL! There are four openings in the U1000 at the time of this posting.
You can sign up through Omnipong.com. Here is a printable registration form.
For those of you who do not know how USATT tournaments work, come talk to Nick at the club or drop me an email.  I will be happy to explain it.

A big thank you for the gift card that many of you contributed towards! We appreciate it very much!
But we have to say that we appreciate all of you, our table tennis family, for making our club such a friendly and enjoyable club.
So thank you for being involved and being AWESOME!