• When a player arrives, he adds himself to the bottom of the playing list.
  • Each player waits his turn.
  • When your name moves to the top of the list, it is your turn to play. You may choose to do one of the following:
    --ask another idle player to play a match,
    --ask three other players to play a doubles match,
    --ask another idle player if they want to practice.
    -- delay playing (if he's still tired, or wants to wait for someone who is already playing). 
    --If a player delays, it's the next player in line's turn.
  • All players going to the table move their name tags from the "waiting side" to the "at the table side".
  • A player who is asked for a match may decline the invitation.
  • Players who chose to practice will start a 15 minute timer at the table. ***
  • Matches are first to 3 wins, each game is to 11 points, and the service switches every 2 points.. ***
  • When a match or practice is over, ALL players leave that table, return to the waiting area, and add their names to the BOTTOM of the waiting list.
  • When there are a large number or people waiting, please pick someone else who has been waiting and who has not just come off the table.  Or consider asking three players for a doubles match.

***When the player count exceeds 26 we go to CODE RED :Matches are EXACTLY 3 games OR a timed practice of 10 minutes.
Below 26 we are CODE GREEN :Matches are best 3 out of 5 OR a timed practice of 15 minutes.
Doubles matches will remain best 3 out of 5 during red and green.