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Check here before heading out to play.

  • Saturday 5/11/2024 meet in the back 2 rooms, 6-7 tables only.
  • Blob Trophy Hardbat Feeder Tournaments have begun: Details here.
  • Every 3rd Tuesday of the month - Down to 6-7 tables, will expand to exercise room if available.
  • Some items for sale by club members here.

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Check the club  calendar for schedule changes and for local tournaments.

When the player count exceeds 26 we go to CODE RED : Matches are best 2 out of 3 or a timed practice of 10 minutes.
Below 26 we are CODE GREEN : Matches are best 3 out of 5 or a timed practice of 15 minutes.
Doubles matches will remain best 3 out of 5 during red and green.

The club meets at the Phoenixville Recreation Center, 501 Franklin Ave, Phoenixville PA 19460. Tuesday nights 6pm-9pm Saturday mornings 9am-12noon  (subject to cancelations, check here first before visiting.) $5 to play.