Greetings table tennis fans!

  1. Battle of the Counties
  2. Blob Trophy Hardbat Qualifiers
  3. Cruzin' Classic USATT Tournament
  4. Ladies Group
  5. Anniversary Recap
  6. MLTT Finals
  7. Moore Park Tournament

1. The Battle of the Counties begins this month and continues each session until the end of June.  This year the Chester County Cheetahs and Montgomery County Monarchs are running a draft style roster. Here is a link to the current roster selections. If you weren't drafted you can still participate.
The teams will play MLTT format, five players per session, four singles matches, one doubles, and one "golden game". More details on the format here.
Arrive by 6:30 pm Tuesdays, and 9:30 am Saturdays to be considered for that session's lineup.  

2. The Blob Trophy Hardbat Tournament is now sanctioned by the International Classic Table Tennis Federation. In May there will be two mini tournaments, May 7th, and May 18th. These are open hardbat events. You can register at The winners of each mini tournament qualify to compete in our July Blob Trophy final event. We have hardbats at the club for you to use if you don't already have one. In addition, you will get a rating/ranking from ICTTF and the winner of the Blob Trophy qualifies to play at the ICTTF World Championships! Here is some video of last year's Worlds.

3. The Cruzin' Classic USATT sanctioned tournament will be held at the recreation center on Saturday June 22nd. Most events are full, but people do drop out, so if you want to be on an event's wait list, contact me. There are a couple spots open in the U1000 event as of this time. Sign up at

4. Ladies Group. Janel is organizing the women folk! For detail talk to her at the club or send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.on how you can get into the sorority!

5. Thank you to everyone who was a part of our last 15 years! It has been a pleasure to serve you and bond over such a great sport! Aleem was last man standing on the king of the hill table and was crowned Intercontinental Table Tennis Champion of the World!  

6. The first season of Major League Table Tennis is in the books. 1st Place: Texas Smash, 2nd Place: Princeton Revolution, 3rd Place: Carolina Gold Rush. You can catch every season match and the finals on the MLTT Youtube channel.

7. The third annual Ping Pong in the Park tournament is coming up Tuesday May 14th, 4pm-7pm at the outdoor table in King of Prussia.  You can sign up here. I brought a couple of small tables last year and offered them again. So I am looking for volunteers to keep things going at the club until I can get there!