Greetings Ping Pongers!

I have started planning our next tournament, Groundhog Trophy 2023.  We are aiming to hold it Saturday Feb. 4th.  Amongst the events are USATT sanctioned Open, U1700, an unsanctioned novice event, and the GOP.
The GOP is the Greatest of Phoenixville.  This specific event has two requirements.  First, you must be a resident of Phoenixville. Second, you must record six match wins against different players at the club between now and the event. These are my ideas for now, and I am always open to suggestions, so anything can change before the actual event.  

I want to thank our volunteers for helping out in September.   Please let me know if you would like to volunteer to help open or close when I can't make it.  There is a video below detailing the steps we take.

The club is CLOSED Saturday 10/29

You can keep track of all the club closings, events, and local tournaments by following the “calendar” link in the menu above.