Greetings table tennis fans, welcome to the monthly update!

Groundhog Trophy 2022

I would like to announce the winner of our Groundhog Trophy micro tournament: "Awesome" PJ defeated Bradley 3-1.




The next big event is the Pong-A-Thon charity event,
Date: February 26, 2022

Venue: 110 Valley Park Road, Phoenixville, PA 19460
This is an 12 hour marathon event to raise money to support the charities that bring rescue, support and train victims of human trafficking in South East Asia.

If you can't play or can't make it, you can still help by donating at the link below.


Rec. Room VS Rec. Center

As we continue our efforts to find a new club location.  Our two best options are less than a mile away from each other and have very similar names.  First is the Rec. Room bar/restaurant down on Bridge Street.  Second is the Phoenixville Recreation Center which will be opening up this Spring on Franklin Ave.  You will be hearing me discuss each back and forth as we coordinate working between both.  I made you a handy-dandy photo to help you know the difference.  I am hoping to have big news come the March update. So stay tuned!

Greetings table tennis fans.

Last month I started a personal challenge of playing 30 days to table tennis. I could either hit with the kids, friends, play a tournament, practice serves, teach someone, etc.  Doesn't have to be in a row, just a goal to complete 30 days.  You should join me in this personal challenge.  If you have a table, start today at home.  If you do not, remember the Infinite Loop Club is open Monday nights and the Rec Room has tables for play.

I have been trying to think of a way we can still meet each other and play while looking for a new place.  The key is organizing, either through and app, email, social media, the telephone.  I am trying to think of the best way to do it.  Right now, I have a beta program going where a select few of our old group come play at my house.  But I would like to see if we can all meet at the Rec Room sometime so new players can get acquainted.  More on that to come.

The Parks and Rec department are having a virtual meeting January 18th at 6pm.  I am going to check it out, see if their is any news on the new center opening and maybe discuss the possibility of us playing there.  You can sign up to participate on the website.  

And a heads up, there will be a Pong-A-Thon fund raiser coming up February 26th from 8am to 8pm, there will be more details in the February update.

Now get up and do something for the 30 day challenge!

Welcome friends!

It is December and Monday night hangouts at Valley Forge Baptist have ended.  We await our next adventure.  Which is this Saturday!
Brady and I are heading to Princeton for their December tournament the first weekend of December.  Come join us!  
We were planning on checking out the Lancaster tourney that weekend, but we were too slow and it filled up.  But there is plenty of space left at Princeton.  
If you need help signing up, or have other tournament questions, drop me an email.

That's all I have, I will keep checking in Monthly to let you know if anything new comes up!

Keep ponging my friends!

My friends! Welcome back!

It has been a slow few weeks for Monday night hangouts.  There is always an open table, come join us!
The church is doing major construction, so the entrance may be found at the rear of the gym, best to enter from Black Rock Road.
Monday Night Hangouts run from 7pm - 9pm, at 616 S. Trappe Rd. Collegeville, PA 19426. They also have two Pickelball courts.

I am a little late on posting the Princeton Pong tournament, it is 11/6-11/7 this month.

Nothing else to report, except that you can now take advantage of the new ITTF rules that allow you to use a different color rubber other than red on one side.
I am waiting to get myself a neon green one.  What about you?  Have any news for me?

Good October to you!

This month our crew continues to enjoy free nights of table tennis at Valley Forge Baptist Church on Mondays 7pm-9pm.
They have a short testimony, and then it is open play.  They also have pickleball and cornhole.

I have contacted the Phoenixville recreation board in hopes of organizing play when the new center opens up.  I don't have a timeline for the center opening, but I would imagine it is less than a year. 

The new recreation center is located at the corner of Franklin Ave and Filmore Street.  Here is a planning photo.  The exterior of the building is pretty complete at this point.

So that's the news this month.  Hope to see you all soon!