Valley Forge Baptist Church is restarting Monday Night Hangouts on Sept 13th.  They plan on holding it every Monday until December. It is free of charge, they have three tables and also run pickleball and cornhole.  There will be a brief testimonial and prayer before the start of each night.  It runs 7pm - 9pm, at 616 S. Trappe Rd. Collegeville, PA 19426. Enter through the gymnasium doors behind the church.

That's all I have for this month's update.  Hope to see you soon!




OH NO, It's August already, my update is late!

Okay, here is what is going on. The Olympics! I have been planning on watching the streaming videos on Peacock streaming service, but haven't gotten around to it yet.  I have been avoiding spoilers as much as possible and ignoring any news.  So you won't get any news on this from me!

Join us once again at Valley Forge Baptist Church, this time for two Tuesdays in August.
August 10th and August 17th from 7pm-9pm.

There is a Giant Round Robin tournament coming to Manor Church in Lancaster on August 21st and Princeton Pong's monthly tournament 8/7 and 8/8.
Check out for printable entry forms or to enter online.

Still looking for a home, had this crazy idea of distributing the tables between two locations and maybe running two nights or rotating sites.  But that was just an idea I am floating around.  We probably will not be leasing a facility any time soon, though that is an idea I will always entertain should the time and conditions seem right.

Well that's all the news I have today. Check back for our monthly updates and keep an eye on our events section which is updated as new events pop up!

Greetings Table Tennis Fans!

June 28th, 2021, Brady and I finally had our rematch with Carl and Dave.  It went exactly how I expected, next time I shall expect differently!

It's July! I am grateful Valley Forge Baptist Church allowed us to see old friends and meet new ones at their Monday Night Hangouts outreach. 
The program has ended for now, but may be back August 10th.  We will keep you informed as information comes in.
I would like to keep in touch with some of you who played with us at the church.  Martha, John, Andrew, Francis, James, Carlos, and anyone else I missed.  Send me an email or join our facebook group so we can keep you personally updated on future endevours.

"Let's talk." I will be praying for guidance on our next step and waiting for an answer.  I have a few ideas of my own, but would love to hear from you as well. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view or start a discussion in our Facebook group. 

I wanted to say welcome to any players from Rising Phoenix Table Tennis Club who may have discovered us for the first time.  Many of you may not know that the club started in Phoenixville and moved to King of Prussia when we lost our venue. Phoenixville is home to the organizers and is our preferred town in which to re-open. The club seems to move in seven year cycles, so we are waiting on the next seven years to being! But until then, please visit Infinite Loop, Trolley Car, and Princeton Pong to get your table tennis playing in!  If you look below you'll find links to other places to play and events.

So please, join us in praying that the Lord give us the opportunity to reopen the club again soon!

Greetings Table Tennis Fans!

The Rising Phoenix Table Tennis Club of King of Prussia has closed up and will not be reopening at Aspiring Champions.

This will be the final month of Monday Night Hang Outs at Valley Forge Baptist in Collegeville, so make sure you join us while you can 6pm-9pm Mondays in June.
Once Monday Night Hang Outs complete, it is time to talk about where we can play. We have seven tables in storage and would like to restart the club somewhere.
Ideally, Monday or Tuesday nights work best for me to open and close. I am thinking about approaching the Phoenixville Recreation Center, as they are building a new facility a few blocks away from me.  But I am also on the look out for any other location, retail, warehouse, basement, church, or other space that would be affordable for us.  So if you have ideas or input please let me know.

Here is a photo of the float we entered in the Phoenixville Dogwood Shoebox parade.



Welcome to the new PHXTTC Monthly Update.

What's new in May?
Valley Forge Baptist Church in Collegeville has extended their Monday Night Hangouts until the end of June.  Our table tennis group playing there grows a little each week, come join us.

The roof is up on the new recreation center in Phoenixville.  Which just so happens to be within walking distance of my home.  I have a letter ready to send to the recreation board to see if they would let us play there.  Should I send it?

The Phoenixville Dogwood Parade is going virtual this year.  We are going to have a float in the shoebox parade!

May 15th, 1pm is when the Phoenixville Jaycees will hold the parade.

I would like to create a new email list for those interested in Phoenixville Table Tennis news and updates.
But I would also like to know your preferred method of keeping up. Is it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, texts?  Let me know.
Contact me to give my your info. See the "contact" box on this page for details.